Information for refugees in Dübendorf 

German conversation - Wednesdays, from 6-7 pm 


Weekly meetings for the training of German conversation during «Treffpunkt Ukraine» (Meeting point Ukraine). 

Train with volunteers in small groups having discussions about important situations in life. 

Where: room «Anker» Güggelhus (in the basement), Bahnhofstr. 39, 8600 Dübendorf


Meet locally

With the «Treffpunkt Ukraine» we offer the opportunity for a regular meeting, so that you can exchange ideas and network locally with other Ukrainians from Dübendorf.

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Information for Refugees from Ukraine



Overall useful information 


Information on permits and residence

On the Campax website (a Swiss campaign and mobilisation organisation), Ukrainians can find information on accommodation, the registration process in Switzerland and various answers to the most important questions.

The official site of the state secretariat for Migration (SEM) provides more information on registration and residence (information in Ukrainian language):

On the official website of the canton of Zurich please find all information regarding integration, health, school offers and work:


You came to Switzerland with your pet

If you have come to Switzerland with your dog or cat and will remain in the canton of Zurich, you must register your animal as soon as possible if you have not already done so. You can find on the official website of the canton of Zurich a form in Ukrainian, Russian and English

Finding work

If you have received the protection status S, you are allowed to work on a self-employed basis and as an employee

Jobmarket Website with Jobs in Switzerland:

This Site lists a large number of jobsites aimed to help Ukrainians find a new job:


An important note on salary

Job advertisements that expect refugees to work for an exceptionally low monthly salary are not legal.

The prerequisite is that the wage and working conditions customary to the location and industry are observed and correspond to the qualification and the job profile. Every employment contract must be submitted to the employment office in order to avoid abusive employment.


Office workplace

Do you have a remote job that you can continue here and need a room to work in a focused manner? Please contact us. 


University and Higher Education

Information from Zurich University for Refugees and Affected Members of Ukrainian Universities


Information from Scholars at Risk about their program for Members of higher education 

Medical assistance

Infoline from Medgate - Hotline for health concerns

Medgate supports Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland and operates a free hotline for people with health concerns.
Medical advice is offered in German and English. In order to advise Ukrainian refugees in their language, Medgate is looking for licensed doctors with the appropriate language skills in Switzerland.

Medgate Infoline: +41 58 387 77 20 

Information from Medgate


Information from Kinderärzte Schweiz

On the Swiss Pediatricians website you can find many useful resources and links for families and children as well as for doctors from Switzerland and Ukraine.




Need help with the language? Free translation hotline available 

In case of language barriers there is the free translation hotline from +41 58 358 50 00 available from Monday - Saturday, 08:00 - 22:00 o’clock.


German PDF learning booklet with phonetic transcription for easier understanding of pronunciation, a popular reference site for German language, has developed a free PDF learning booklet in cooperation with teachers and Ukrainian native speakers that provides Ukrainian refugees with an easy-to-understand and clear overview of the basics of the German language. In addition to the exact translations, the content is also presented in phonetic transcription, making it easier for refugees to understand the German pronunciation.

You can download the learning booklet here 


Picture dictionary картинний словник „Zeichner bauen Brücken“ German-Ukrainian

Мета проекту – знайти колег-художників та інших відданих справ, які разом зі мною та моєю командою створять великий словник-картинку для біженців та помічників Української війни.

Free download on:


Picture dictionary Ukrainian-German / Ukrainian-English of the Tüftelakademie

The picture dictionary is intended for when communication is difficult, e.g. between hosts and refugees, and of course also helpful for people who have difficulties with hearing / spoken language. 


Free Online-Learning-App from Duolingo 

Duolingo offers a free App to learn languages. Learn a few bits of German everyday:


Finding an apartment

There are several websites to find a new home. And finding an apartment in and around Zurich can be a bit tricky as many are on the lookout.

Chances are higher if you tell people in your local community that you're looking for a flat (inform your sports buddies, the hairdresser, talk to the staff at the local bakery ...).

Also check the small ads that people put up directly at the local grocery store. 

Also keep your eyes open while walking around can help, sometimes you can see information boards of flats to rent right at the houses. Also check when you see a consturction site where a building gets renovated, chances might be that apartments are advertised for rent after the refurbishing.

Building cooperatives, home administrators and architects offices regularly publish news on their websites.

There is also an newsletter with housing offers. It costs CHF 49 as a one-off initial registration.

And if you're looking for a shared flat, don't forget to check university marketplaces where often students advertise ads for roommates. There are also several sites offering «wgzimmer» (WG stands for Wohngemeinschaft = Shared apartment).

Do also check, city platform and newsletter offering advice for urbanites. People also advertise flats/houses and can search for a new home on the site.

A note in regards to refugees being targeted by real estate scam

Host families reported that there have been attempts to target refugees from Ukraine looking for an apartment with a real estate scam. 

After a first contact an alleged owner explains that he is staying abroad and a potential apartment can be viewed and handed over by a representative living in Switzerland. In order to confirm the interest in concluding a contract, the victim is asked to pay a deposit in advance to an alleged Airbnb account and assuring that the money will remain in trust with Aribnb until the contract is signed. The scammers also send an email with a link that leads to a fake Airbnb website. It's a scam, Airbnb doesn't offer such service.

Generally: Never prepay any security deposit. Make sure to view a rental property first and obtain a valid contract.

More information: Site of the Zurich Cantonal Police to inform the population of current dangers in the www. (site in German)